The Sales team at Clarabridge is dedicated to evangelizing the value of improving customer experiences, satisfaction, and loyalty through the use of the Clarabridge Intelligence Platform.

The team supports many different business verticals and regions around the globe.  We have a thriving, expanding team of Account Executives that own regional territories and relationships with all of our existing customers.  Sales Engineers are responsible for developing the technical solution that solves the customer’s business problem and configuring the solution during the proof of concept (POC) stage of the sales cycle.  Our Lead Generation Account Development Representatives (ADRs) work to research companies, people and events based on the main buying persona of a typical Clarabridge customer.  The ADRs closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to drive people to our events and evangelize the Clarabridge solution Fortune 5000 companies who stand to benefit most from our company’s offerings.   Sales also includes our Partner team, which is responsible for developing third party companies into proponents of Clarabridge.  The team works with some of the largest consulting companies in the world like Accenture and Cap Gemini.  The mission of the team is to extend our word of mouth and services strength by educating more people to be capable of deploying and using the Clarabridge solution.  Our Sales team has an unwavering commitment to the Clarabridge mission and their obsession with the success of their customers is the reason they are able to put up record-breaking sales figures, year after year.





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Clarabridge is the leader in Customer Experience Management. We help hundreds of the world’s most recognized brands understand and improve their customer experience. Using advanced text analytics, Clarabridge transforms survey, social, voice and all other forms of customer feedback into intelligence used to empower confident, decisive action across the business.  The result: happier customers. For more information, visit

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